Custom Made Orthotics Using 3D Scanning Technology

We all know that custom orthotics can help with fallen arches/flat feet. But did you know they also provide a range of health benefits, including improving posture, preventing sports injuries, and reducing foot pain?

Here in Stride, we provide custom orthotics to our patients after first completing a biomechanical assessment. After completing the biomechanical assessment, your podiatrist will make a digital model of your foot using a 3D scanner. Your podiatrist will then write a prescription for your custom orthotics. Once they have arrived, we’ll get you in to have them fitted and to answer any questions you may have. After 10 weeks, we’ll get you in once more to make sure that the orthotics are doing their job

Biomechanical Assessment

During a biomechanical assessment, your podiatrist will perform a gait analysis to assess your co-ordination and balance whilst you walk. They will also perform some other assessments, including a non weight bearing assessment of joint range of movement, muscle testing and a static assessment of posture. This assessment generally takes 1 hour


3D Model

After completing the biomechanical assessment, your podiatrist will then use a 3D scanner to scan your feet and produce a 3D model. This digital model is a highly accurate representation of your feet and thus ensures that when your custom orthotics arrive, they will fit you perfectly.

Orthotic Prescription

Your podiatrist will use the information they have gathered to complete a prescription based around your needs


Once your orthotics have been made and delivered to Stride, we’ll get you back in for a fitting and to provide you with a ‘wearing in schedule’. This schedule suggests that you wear your orthotics for a short period of time initially and gradually build up that time each week so as to allow your feet to adjust


After 6 weeks, we’ll get you back for a review. Your podiatrist will assess how the orthotics are working for you and answer any questions you may have. Should the need arise, your podiatrist can modify your prescription and have your orthotics adjusted

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